FULLY G99/1 & G98/1 COMPLIANTThe DSEP100 G99/G59 Mains(utility) Protection Relay detects changes in the mains (utility) supply to which the distributed energy resource (DER) is connected.If a mains (utility) failure is detected, the DSEP100 will disconnect the equipment in line with national and international DNO requirements.  This removes the risk of an islanded grid being formed and protects DER equipment.DSEP100 is suitable for use with all DER equipment supplying power in parallel with the mains (utility) supply.  This includes diesel generators and renewable energies such as photovoltaic (solar) and wind turbine installations etc.

From 27th
April 2019 new Grid Codes are replacing G59 in GB.
From that date forward all new distributed energy resources (DERs),  formally falling under G59, will have to comply with new regulation G99.The DSEP100
Mains Decoupling Relay is compatible with G99.

NB. Existing DERs in GB (connected prior to 27th
April) need to be aware that G59 has also been amended.  This means that connected
equipment, which complied to G59 on installation, may no longer comply.  If
you are using a DSEP100 its good news – no new equipment is necessary.  Simple changes to the settings through DSE Configuration Suite PC software is all that is needed.

Product Highlights

Detects mains (utility) failures when in parallel with another supply.
Eliminates the possibly of power being supplied into an islanded grid.
R.O.C.O.F & vector shift.
Provides accurate & complete protection.
Positive sequence over voltage/negative sequence under voltage.
Detects imbalances in the measured system.
Zero sequence over voltage protection (NVD protection).
Detects neutral voltage displacement.
Two-stage under & over voltage and frequency protection.
Covers short-term and long-term voltage disturbances.
Lockable security tab to prevent configuration changes after commissioning.
Ensures the device remains tamper proof once installed.
10 second rolling average over voltage protection.
Protects the device and connected equipment.
World standard integration (G99/1, G98/1, G59/3, G83,3 & C10/11).
Provides flexibility and choice in country and applications.
Configurable event log (250).
Provides access to historical alarms and operational status.
DSE Configuration Suite PC Software.
Provides complete user-friendly configuration and easy-to-use high-level system control & monitoring.
  • Additional Features
  • Voltage asymmetry protection.
  • Vector shift protection.
  • Incorrect phase sequence protection.
  • True 3-phase mains (utility) RMS measurement.
  • Front panel/PC software configuration.
  • SCADA monitoring.
  • Alarm reset button.
  • Configurable volt free changeover relays (5).
  • DIN rail mount.


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