The DSE8003 is a full colour 7” graphical remote overview display. It has been designed to seamlessly integrate with 86xx MKII load share control modules.  The MKII version offers an improved graphical user interface and faster operating response times compared to its MKI predecessor. Using a RS485 link a single overview display can be connected to multiple control modules over a maximum distance of 1.2km.

Product Highlights

Touch screen enabled.
Simplifies system navigation.
Remote communications (RS232, RS485 x2, Ethernet).
Provides secure and simple off site monitoring. All ports are continuously active.
Front panel mounting.
Gives options to reduce wiring at the front of a panel when space is limited.
Remote monitoring.
Enables fault conditions to be resolved quickly and provides instant system information to aid preventative maintenance.
Graphical displays showing, charts, meters, power display, graphs and engine status information.
Information is displayed clearly and in a universal format for all users to quickly understand.
Up to 20 remote displays can be used within one system.
This allows systems to be monitored from multiple points within the same site. Protected front panel configuration.
  • Additional Features
  • Audible alarms.
  • Protected front panel configuration.


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