The DSE7410 MKII is an intelligent, powerful auto start control module with high-level features and functionality. The control module is the first module in the DSE range to include in-built SNMP and features an embedded web server. The module is suitable for a wide range of single-set gas and diesel applications.
The control module features an enhanced dual core main processor and extended memory capacity. This allows the module to deliver a faster more powerful performance to return quicker operating responses on complex applications and provides enhanced memory storage for high level data logging functionality.

Product Highlights

CAN support for the DSEA108 AVR.
Full communication with the DSEA108 over CAN. The DSEA108 information is displayed on the front display of the control module.
Supports 7 languages.
English and 6 alternative languages can be stored in the control module.
Crank disconnect on generator voltage.
Provides the ability to crank disconnect on generator voltage.
Oil pressure disconnect delay.
Delays the crank disconnect on oil pressure to compensate for cold oil.
DSE25XX MKII supported over DSENet®.
Increases the number of supported DSE25XX MKII to two by allowing a single DSE25XX MKII to communicate over DSENet®.
Charge alternator disable functionality.
Charge alternator support can be disabled. This removes all related information from the front panel editor and SCADA.
3 digital input functions added to allow ECU specific operations.
Provides additional flexibility by allowing users to turn on additional engine functionality on supported electronic engines.
Supports escape mode.
Allows an engine to be run when it has received a shutdown command related to efficiency limits.
Configurable icon screens.
Icon layout on module screens can be configured to suit individual applications.
Embedded web server.
A web interface has been added to the control module to show the same information as the PC SCADA software across the Internet. The web interface can also be used to control the module and clear alarm conditions.
SNMP GET, SET & TRAP support built-in.
Removes the requirement for additional devices.
Simultaneous use of RS485, RS232 & Ethernet ports.
Provides multiple communications options.
Support for 0-10 V & 4-20mA sensors.
Provides support for a wide range of sensors and parameters.
Support for 3 kΩ resistive sensors.
Provides support for a wide range of sensors and parameters.
True dual mutual standby with load balancing timer.
Enables two set systems to be configured to allow for redundancy or balancing run hours.
CAN, MPU & alternator speed sensing (selectable depending on engine type).
Provides complete flexibility.
Tier 4 CAN engine support.
Ensures the control module can be used with the latest in modern electronic engine technology.
Fuel usage monitor and low level alarms.
Allows accurate tracking of fuel usage.
Integral PLC editor.
Ensures additional applications are easily integrated into the system.
Power monitoring (kW h, kVAr, kv Ah, kV Ar h), reverse power protection, kW overload protection.
Provides clear accurate power measurement information.
Configurable digital inputs (8).
Provides multiple installation options.
Configurable analogue / digital inputs (6)
Provides multiple installation options.
Configurable outputs (8)
Provides multiple installation options.
Data logging facility (20 parameters).
Provides current and historical status information.
4-line back-lit LCD text display
Provides comprehensive and clear indication of operation and parameters.
Five key menu navigation
Provides convenient and flexible navigation of parameters.
Configurable CAN instruments.
Allows the control module to read and display up to 10 instruments over CAN from 3rd party devices.
Ratiometric inputs.
Removes the requirement for additional devices.
Customisable power up text and images
Company logo can be uploaded to the start up splash screen.
Customisable front panel editor.
Allows different access levels to be configured for different user groups.
Configurable CT positioning.
The CT can be placed in the Generator output to provide current readings and protection or alternatively placed in the main load output to provided generator and mains (utility) readings and protection.
Compatible with the 73xx MKII when it has been configured for use as a 25xx MKII Remote Display.
Provides remote display functionality.
  • Additional Features
  • VAR alarms.
  • Large memory capacity for integral PLC functions.
  • Voltage measurement.
  • kW overload alarms.
  • Exercise timer.
  • Multiple language options.
  • Configurable timers & alarms.
  • Configurable start/stop timers.
  • Configurable maintenance alarms.
  • Charge alternator failure alarm.
  • Heated display option.


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