The DSE4620 is a compact Auto Mains
(Utility) Failure Control Module that has been developed to provide an
outstanding range of features within a compact enclosure.

Product Highlights

Large back-lit icon LCD display.
Displays information to the operator in a clear and concise format.
3-phase generator sensing.
Provides true generator sensing.
3-phase generator and mains (utility) sensing.
Provides true generator and mains (utility) sensing.
600 V ph-ph nominal system compatibility.
Provides global flexibility.
Generator & load power monitoring (kW, kV A, kV Ar, pf).
Provides clear accurate power measurement information.
Generator overload protection (kW).
Provides engine overload protection.
Configurable inputs & outputs.
Provides multiple installation options.
Fuel & crank outputs.
Provides multiple installation options.
Magnetic pick-up speed sensing.
Provides full monitoring flexibility.
Engine speed protection, engine hours counter, engine pre-heat, engine run-time scheduler, engine idle control for start/stop.
Ensures the engine is fully monitored for improved operating performance.
Battery voltage monitoring.
Ensures the battery maintains enough power at all times.
Configurable event log (50).
Provides access to historical alarms and operational status.
DSE Configuration Suite PC Software.
Provides complete user-friendly configuration and easy-to-use high-level system control & monitoring.
  • Additional Features
  • Power save mode.
  • Engine maintenance alarms (3).
  • Alternative configuration.


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