1.3Mw Power station at ‘The Wells Calton’ Hotels and Suites Asokoro Abuja

Hakman Engineering recently provided full turnkey engineering services during the construction of the 1.3Mw diesel power station at the Wells Calton Hotel and suites in Asokoro, Abuja, Nigeria.

Hakman’s scope of work covered the design of the entire diesel power generation and control system with Interfacing to the mains supply, including equipment specification and selection, control system assembly, testing, Installation and commissioning etc. The 1.3Mw power station consisted of five (5) diesel power generating plants powering the premises in two (2) sections, gen set control and synchronising systems, bus bar panels, mains auto transfer switches (ATS), manual bypass arrangement (for emergencies) and mains supply Isolation systems. All equipment were successfully Installed and commissioned by Hakman’s competent personnel within a short time. The project was a huge success and The Wells Caltons Hotel was very happy with the performance of their power station.


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