Installation of Perkins 4X1750KVA standby power generating plants

The Customer originally had 2X1750KVA Perkins gen sets (G1&G2) which were fitted with the Woodward ProAct II engine governing system and the Access 6000 control panel running in parallel on load. When load demand increased the customer purchased an additional 2X1750KVA Perkins gen sets (G3&G4) fitted with Hanizmann KG-6 engine governing system and DSE8610 electrical control panel.  The different types of engine governors and control system on the gen sets thus put the customers in a dilemma of load sharing with the four (4) sets. (G1,G2,G3,G4)

Hakman Engineering provided the required solution by upgrading the obsolete Access 6000 system to the newer DSE8610 control system to take advantage of the flexibility of the DSE8610. The DSE8610 was able to successfully take control of different engine governors, synchronise, parallel the four (4) gen sets and share load to successfully increase the base load from 2X1750KVA to 4X1750KVA capacity. The new system worked successfully without any issues.

The Customer was very Impressed with the solution because the new system was more flexible, simpler to operate and easier to understand by their operators.

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