BLACKSTART CONTROL SYSTEM FOR 1x 7.5Mw (TAURUS 70) & 1x 5.5Mw (TAURUS 60) Turbomatch turbines at Dangote factory Ibeshe, Ogun state.

Dangote group had built a 13.0mw standby power station comprising of a 1X 7.52Mw (Taurus 70) and 1X 5.5MW (Taurus 60) Turbomatch gas turbines and required a reliable control solution that could use their 500kva caterpillar gen set to blackstart the turbines.

Hakman Engineering successfully designed and commissioned a Blackstart solution around the DSE7520 (Figure2)single set auto synchronising and load sharing control system from Deepsea Electronics Plc.

The DSE7520 successfully took control of the Caterpiller 500KVA gen set (i.e the black start set)(Figure 4) via its ADEM 3.0 control system enabling it provide pre and post lubrication to the turbine auxiliaries during turbine starting and stopping.

During starting, the blackstart set is operated via the 7520’s user interface to provide pre lubrication power to the turbine (s) auxiliary system.  After pre lubrication, turbine is manually started. On seeing turbine supply, 7520 synchronizes and parallels the blackstart supply with the turbine supply and smoothly transfers the turbine auxiliary load to the turbine supply and subsequently ramps out the blackstart set. The turbine is left powering its auxiliaries and the factory premises. As more power is required the second turbine is subsequently synchronized in via the turbine control system to increase the base power while the system remains running.

To stop turbine(s), the factory load is taken off the turbine (s), and the black start set is called to service via the 7520’s remote start on load command to synchronize and parallel with turbine supply, take control of turbine auxiliary system for continues lubrication while turbine is stopped. The DSE7520 ensures post lubrication of turbine auxiliaries after turbine has stopped by keeping blackstart set running on the bus for the duration of the post lubrication time before stopping the set.

The customer was happy with the choice of the DSE7520 control system not only because it worked perfectly and the application requirements were met, the DSE7520 was simple, user friendly and easy to operate by their operators. Local support was also available from Hakman Engineering.

Hakman Engineering designed the black start control system, supplied the Deep sea 7520 controller, commissioned the control system and trained the customer’s staff on the application requirements.

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