Our products and solutions cover the spectrum of power generation, supply, control, monitoring, battery energy storage solutions Including Installation, Integration, commissioning & other requirements of the industry 

  1. Diesel and gas power generating plants, spares & accessories 
  2. Solar Pv & Renewable Energy solutions.
    • Solar Pv power systems
    • Solar Pv – diesel- hybrid solutions
    • Battery energy storage solutions (BESS).
  3. Industry leading Gen set controllers (DSEGenset) & remote monitoring overview displays 
  4. Auto transfer switch (ATS) controllers (DSEAts) & power supplies. 
  5.  Intelligent battery chargers. (DSEPower)
  6. Engine and off highway controllers. (DSEControl)
  7. Low (LV) & medium voltage (MV) circuit breakers and power supply protection devices. 
  8. Current (CT’s) and Voltage transformers (VT’s), automatic voltage regulators (AVR’s) and other control devices.
  9. Complete control panels and switch board solutions for multiple power plant control & monitoring applications such as:
    • Manual starts, Remote or auto starts, auto transfer switches (ATS), Auto mains failure (AMF), auto synchronising and load sharing of multiple plants, turbine blackstarts & synchronising systems etc. 
    • Totalizing Control & distribution systems etc. 
    • Solar Pv, battery energy storage (BESS) systems, Solar Pv-diesel hybrid solutions etc.