About Us

Established in 2001, Hakman Engineering specializes in providing power generation & control solutions to the West African market using Innovative power generating plants, solar Pv & renewable energy, hybrid solutions & Innovative control solutions for multiple plant applications. 

Our offer to the market range Include:

  • Power generation, supply, & distribution. 
  • Transactional product sales
  • Service solutions including Installation, commissioning, retrofits, upgrades etc.
  •  Product support.
  • Customer training. 
  • & More

We have an unparalleled Industrial wide experience in power plants and control systems, skilled personnel and Installed capacity. Our operations span the various market segments in West Africa such as manufacturing, oil & gas industries, building & infrastructure, telecoms etc.

We have attained great heights in the West African market and developed partnerships with reputable international brands. We continue to innovate and provide leadership for our various market segment.